Activator Method

A popular “low force” chiropractic technique

The Activator Technique, which uses a hand-held device, refers to a spinal manipulation technique primarily used by chiropractors. According to Dr. Ted Marriott of Pasadena–based Stay Well Chiropractic Pasadena, this instrument is often preferred because it can effectively deliver a controlled, but minimal force or impulse to treat conditions related to specific points on the spine. Dr. Marriott has used this alternative and complementary technique for nearly 20 years and is an advanced, proficient Activator Technique provider.

The Benefits Offered By the Activator Technique

The Activator Technique offers a noninvasive treatment that can help reduce pain, restore joint functioning, and help improve the status and health of your musculoskeletal system and spine. The Activator Technique is also a versatile methodology that is applicable to various musculoskeletal issues that may include neck pain, headaches, back pain, joint issues, and more.

This method, which allows for a focused and quick adjustment without a need for a spinal twist, is often preferred by chiropractors because it offers a targeted approach with minimal and gentle force compared to the more traditional chiropractic manual manipulations. This is especially beneficial for those who have a condition that requires a more delicate spinal alignment approach.

The key features of the Activator Technique include –

  • Precision - The Activator Adjusting Instrument allows for precise targeting of specific joints or spinal regions. Chiropractors can use this specially designed device to apply a quick and specific force to a target zone or area to restore proper functioning through proper alignment.
  • Reduced Tension in Muscles - The low-force nature of the Activator Technique may alleviate related muscle tension. This method may be more comfortable for patients when compared to more traditional chiropractic manipulations.  
  • Objective Assessment & Evaluation Tool – the protocol allows professionals to objectively measure joint function over time.

And because the Activator Technique is a targeted and controlled methodology, it minimizes the need to add unnecessary stress or wear-and-tear on your joints. Ultimately, this helps to encourage long-term joint health.

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Because of the method’s gentle nature, the Activator Technique is often considered most suitable for patients of all ages. For more information about how the Activator Technique might benefit your situation, contact Dr. Marriott or a staff member at  Stay Well Chiropractic at 626-808-1515 or online.


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