We all experience aches and pains in life – some temporary and some that tend to stick around. When pain attacks and impacts your life, true and lasting relief comes from fixing the source – not the symptoms. Dr. Ted Marriott learned this lesson firsthand, which led him to the field of chiropractic care. He then opened the doors of Stay Well Chiropractic Pasadena to offer the same relief he experienced to the residents of the Pasadena, CA, area.

Dr. Marriott has been treating patients for a variety of conditions and symptoms, including neck pain, back pain, headaches, spinal pain, joint pain in the arms and legs, TMJ/TMD, osteoarthritis, sciatica, pinched nerves, referred pain, frozen shoulder, muscular pain and imbalance, carpal tunnel symptoms, and auto injuries including whiplash. He also provides wellness care to help promote and maintain optimal health.

As Dr. Marriott addresses such a wide range of issues for residents in Pasadena, CA, he utilizes an equally wide range of treatments. One of his main techniques is the Activator Method of chiropractic, which utilizes an instrument to provide a low-force gentle adjustment. It is preferable for those who are not comfortable with the twisting or manual force involved with traditional adjustments. Additionally, he utilizes methods such as physiotherapy, postural assessment and correction, Trigenics advanced neurological muscle assessment, rapid release technology, and orthotics.

Pain and other symptoms do not have to impact your life and impair your abilities. Dr. Marriott is committed to helping every patient experience the relief they seek. If you live in the area of Pasadena, CA, visit Stay Well Chiropractic Pasadena to overcome your symptoms and finally live your healthiest life.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Ted Marriott is a master at chiropractic care. He is highly trained in the Activator method, a chiropractic technique which is a popular instrumental chiropractic method known for being effective and extremely gentle.

Dr. Ted focuses on finding the source of the problem, fixing it and providing education on how to stay well.  He specializes in relief of back pain, neck pain, headaches, and extremities (joints of the arms and legs) and is an expert in treating car accident injuries and whiplash. Senior citizens use his chiropractic services because the activator method is gentle and is covered by Medicare. Trust Dr. Ted Marriott to gently reduce and /or eliminate your pain.

 Our goal is to help you Get Well and Stay Well.

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"Ted Marriott is an absolute essential for my wellness regime... and thanks to Dr. Ted Marriott I can continue to do what I love doing."  

 - Dana C.



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