Happy Patients

I highly recommend Dr. Ted. I have hired him to help me with a few different injuries I have had in the last two years. He did a great job relieving my pain and showing me ways to avoid further injury and pain. I have sent him a hand full of my clients with various injuries. He really is a great doctor. He puts the patient first. I am happy to report that all of the clients I sent to Dr. Ted have been happy with the treatments and results they have received. I highly recommend him to my clients and anyone who is looking for a good Chiropractor. - Donna D.

Got pain? See Dr. Ted! I've got orthoarthritis of the lower back.  When I first saw Dr. Ted, my back pain was a 9; I could barely get out of bed. He was also knowledgeable enough to see other issues with my health which have since been addressed & remedied. No hype. In a field that hasn't gotten it's due repect, Ted Marriott has mine. - Ruth O.

Dr. Marriott is amazing! I have had chronic back pain for almost 10yrs and he has done an awesome job of relieving my pain.  He's affordable and very good at his job.  I've tried everything to help my back pain, including other chiropractors, and he is the only one that has helped me. Another plus is that he is flexible with appointments and extremely friendly.  I would recommend Dr. Marriott to anyone and know he could help them! - Jamie F.

I can now reach better and use my arm better swimming. I haven’t been able to do that in over 30 years! This technique is bloody amazing! - C. Richards

Since I purchased the custom fitted orthotics, I have been able to walk better than ever and I have a stronger back from being in total alignment… Plus, my knees feel better. They were the best investment I ever made. I don’t know what more to say other than Thank You again for the excellent Chiropractic care and always keeping your word. - D. Vought

Dr. Marriott has mastered the art and skill of precision. When I have back pain that cannot be relieved I know when I arrive in his office I will leave being restored. His care is holistic, thorough and precise. You will not find anyone better at chiropractic care. - L. Patak

After my chiropractor retired, had to go looking for a new one.  I searched through the official Activator website in order to find a highly trained doctor in this discipline and came across Dr. Ted amongst the various chiropractors listed.  However, he combines Activator with Trigenics and the result is enormously helpful when you're having problems.    Dr. Ted is fabulous and just a lovely person, and he has certainly helped me and my husband out.  He also has a lot of character Amazing. - Ruth K.

Ted has been my chiropractor for about 10 years. I actually drive from LA to Pasadena to see him because I trust him so implicitly. He is constantly researching new techniques and ways to alleviate pain. I've honestly dubbed him "St. Ted". I will admit that I was very skeptical about the Activator technique (I always liked the traditional noisy neck cracking chiropractics), but I have found that the effect of the treatments is greater and lasts longer than with traditional adjustments. I've sent a few people to see him and they all agree with me. Plus, Dr. Marriott is very personable. - Hopper S.


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