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Custom made foot orthotics are custom insoles that can be inserted from shoe to shoe. They are manufactured by taking a highly sensitive 3 dimensional laser impression of your feet in our office. The custom orthotics made specifically for your feet and are worn inside your shoes (casual, dress, diabetic or special activity shoes). Their purpose is to help support the feet function in their optimal neutral position while walking, running or standing. They can significantly eliminate low back pain, knee pain and foot pain. Everyone's feet develop differently and as a result, structural problems can develop. If the bones and joints in the feet are not working properly, problems may develop in various parts of the body. Many people that do not have foot pain get relief for low back, hip and knee pain by using custom foot orthotics.

"Since I purchased the custom fitted orthotics, I have been able to walk better than ever and I have a stronger back from being in total alignment… Plus, my knees feel better. They were the best investment I ever made. I don’t know what more to say other than Thank You again for the excellent Chiropractic care and always keeping your word." - D. Vought.


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