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If you are feeling pain after an auto accident, a slip or fall or other personal injury, it is highly recommended you see a doctor right away. Chiropractic doctors are specialists when treating joint or soft tissue injuries such as muscles, tendons or discs. They are musculoskeletal experts and many consider them the “go to” doctors for personal injury claims or cases. At Stay Well Chiropractic, Dr. Ted Marriott specializes in a variety of conditions such as:

Auto Injuries
After a car accident you should be evaluated. Many times, individuals who have been injured in a car accident experience intense muscle pain and stiffness. If left untreated, this discomfort can become a serious issue days, weeks or months later. Chiropractors are able to treat neck and back injuries associated with auto accidents.

After an auto accident, some individuals experience indicators of whiplash injuries such as blurred vision, headaches, shoulder pain, dizziness, reduced range of motion and arm pain. Whiplash can also result in back injuries, muscle injuries, ligament problems, and disc injury. If you’ve had an auto accident recently, make it your priority to book an evaluation appointment with Dr. Ted Marriott.

Sports Injuries
Athletes train rigorously, work their bodies hard and push their muscles to the limit. As a past athlete, Dr. Ted is keenly aware of what is needed to help the athlete’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments return to their normal function. He offers a balanced, holistic approach, by using spinal adjustments, physio-therapy techniques and nutritional support to meticulously tend to athletic injuries. Whether you’re an athlete or weekend warrior, receiving chiropractic care can enable you to reach an optimum level of achievement.

Personal Injuries
Personal injury is defined as bodily harm that comes from being involved in any type of accident or mishap that causes damage to your body. Dr. Ted Marriot is a professional who can uncover underlying issues related to personal injury accidents. Whether using a single spinal adjustment or a series of treatment, he can evaluate your needs and start the healing process.

If you find yourself in a personal injury accident, schedule a consultation, as you may have underlying issues that we can help diagnose and treat. He offers a free consultation to determine if you are a chiropractic candidate and will try answering any of your questions.

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