A precise force, at the right time and place, revives your ability to self heal
At Stay Well Chiropractic, Dr. Ted Marriott is THE chiropractor on site and the one that will take care of you. He prides himself on treating each patient with a gentle, customized approach and provides them with the care they need. He focuses on finding the root of the problem and applying the technique that will help alleviate the problem. He fine tunes his skills and techniques every year by attending post-graduate education courses and seminars with the latest advances in the field.

Many patients who see Dr. Ted get relief on their very first treatment. His methods are appropriate for use with children, the elderly, injured and for chronic (long-term) problems. The techniques he uses are known for their research, reliability and results and are gentle and considered by most to be “pain free” methods.

Techniques used in his office:

  1. Activator Method Chiropractic Technique
  2. Trigenics neurological muscle assessment
  3. Rapid Release vibration Technology
  4. Multi-Radiance Medical therapy (Cold laser therapy)

"After my chiropractor retired, I had to look for a new one. I wanted a highly trained doctor and found Dr. Ted. He combines Activator with Trigenics and the result is enormously helpful when you're having problems. Dr. Ted is fabulous and just a lovely person and he has a lot of character. Amazing." - Ruth K.

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